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How can I restrict who sees ads by post length/age/referrer or IP?

Last Updated: Jul 19, 2013 02:49PM EDT
Ad Injection

Ad Injection is ad placement WordPress plugin that injects any kind of advertising into the existing content of your WordPress posts or pages. This plugin allows you to control the number of adverts based on the posts length, age restrictions, visitor referrer and IP addresses. Ad Injection can be configured anywhere in the post (random, top, and bottom positions) or in any widget or sidebar area.

Great features include:
1. No coding experience needed!
2. Ad rotation. Multiple adverts for the same ad space which are rotated according to the ratios you define.
3. Restrict who sees ads by post length/age/referrer or IP.


Easy to use interface which allows you to select on what types of pages the ads appear.

You can copy and paste your ad code directly from your ad provider.

The ads are automatically injected into the pages of your blog.

There are options to define how many ads appear on the post, and where they appear. The quantity of ads can be varied depending on post length.

Can choose to show the ads only to search engine visitors, or define IP addresses that ads aren't shown to.


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