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Instructions for Drupal

Last Updated: May 22, 2014 01:16PM EDT
To add code to your Drupal site, first download the Drupal module for Chitika at

What this module does

This module provides you with simple to use Chitika Ad blocks for your Drupal page.
Customize your user experience by choosing the ad unit that best fits your site content and audience.


Sign up for a Chitika publisher account.

Note: Until your Chitika Account is approved, you will not be able to start
earning revenue from your Chitika Ads.


Installation and customization is easy and takes fewer than five minutes.

1. Upload `/chitika/` module directory to your drupal `/modules/` directory
2. Enable the Module `Chitika` through the `Modules` menu in Drupal


Adding your Chitika publisher information

1. Navigate to the `Modules` page and select `Configure` for the `Chitika` module
2. Enter your Chitika Username and Chitika Password that you made when signing up for a publisher account.

Configuring your ads

1. Navigate to the `Structure->Blocks` page.
2. Select `configure` next to the Chitika blocks. By default the three ad blocks are named `Chitika Ad [1-3]`.
3. Configure the look of your ad and change the region of the ad.




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