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Part 1: Ad Placement

Last Updated: Feb 18, 2014 06:59PM EST

We all know the realtor’s mantra “location, location, location” when referring to what makes property desirable. It doesn’t matter if you have the biggest, most beautiful house on the block; no one will want to buy it if its next to the dump!

Well, guys, the same thing applies to your ads! You might have an awesome site with great traffic, but it won’t matter if your ads aren’t in the right place. Ad placement can make or break a site’s chance at earning decent ad revenue.

To better picture what we’re talking about, we have this great heat map that shows you the best spots for ads on your site:


The absolute best spots you can place the ads are in or as close to the content as possible. Lets say you just finished writing up a blog post and you can’t decide where to put the ad. Here are your best possible options:

  1. Place the ad directly in between your blog post’s title and the actual body of the post
  2. Place the ad WITHIN the content of the blog post (i.e. in between paragraphs, lists, etc)
  3. Place the ad directly below the post, before the comment option


Any of these options will be a lot more successful than a sidebar or footer ad!

Also- don’t forget to have at least one ad above the page fold (the first page your site users will see without having to scroll down). The last thing you want to do is make your users work to find your ads.

If you're already a Chitika publisher, we've already provided you with the code for the unit we know will perform best for you. Get your ad code now and choose the first recommended ad unit on the left!


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