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Why Is My Domain Showing Pending Ad Code Detection?

Last Updated: Nov 11, 2016 12:20PM EST
When you put the Chitika ad code on your website(s), your website(s) will start appearing in the Domains Report of your Chitika account. Sometimes, you will see a domain as "Pending - Ad Code Not Detected". When this happens, Chitika will not show paying ads to your visitors.

Quick Fix:

Put the Chitika ad code somewhere on the home page of the domain. 

Why Is The Domain Listed As Pending:

Your domain will show that status because our quality-checking systems could not detect our ad code on your pages. This can happen for a couple of reasons: 

1. Traffic: Your domain has very little traffic and so our quality systems haven't checked your domain yet. In most cases, our systems run their checks within 1-2 hours after your domain has accumulated atleast 10 impressions (the system gives priority to domains with more traffic). If your site does not get a lot of traffic (in the thousands per day), then wait a couple of hours and the system should get to your domain. 

2. Rotation: You are randomly rotating our ad code using an ad server. For example, you have rules in your ad server to only show Chitika 10% of the time. If you are doing this, the system might not detect the ad code. To get around this, please have the ad code on atleast your home page at all times. 

3. Blocked: For some reason, you have blocked our scrapers. Sometimes, webmasters put blocks in robots.txt to block certain scrapers. Also, our scraping systems are in Amazon East datacenters. If you have blocked this IP range, the scraper will fail and you cannot run Chitika ads. Please allow the subnet for 54.152.0/8 to let the scraper check your site. 

4. Site DownSometimes its possible that your site or DNS is down when our scraper is trying to access it. If this happens, it will be marked as Pending and the system will retry the next day. 

What You Need To Do:

  1. [Recommended Quick Fix] Put the ad code somewhere on the home page of the domain. 
  2. Make sure your website is not down. If it was down when the system was checking, the system will re-try at a later time. 
  3. If you have very low traffic (like less than 100 impressions per day), please wait for a few hours so that your site is added to the queue. 
  4. If you are using an ad server, make sure you are not rotating the ad code on the home page. If you do this, the code might not load when the system checks your site. 

If none of the above apply, please open a support ticket and we will investigate in more detail.  

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