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Why Are Some Of My Ad Requests Marked As Blocked?

Last Updated: Sep 30, 2016 03:29PM EDT
In your reports, you might see that some of your ad requests are marked as "Blocked". When this happens, your ad request is filtered out and no auction is conducted.

Here are the most common reasons for blocking/filtering out an ad request:

1. Domain Not Approved: If your domain is listed as Banned or Pending, an auction will not be conducted and the ad request will be blocked. Please check the Domains Report and confirm that all your domains are approved. 

2. Blacklisted IPs: The ad request is coming from a blacklisted or invalid IP address. To protect our advertisers, Chitika filters out traffic from blacklisted and malicious IP addresses. If you see a large percentage of your ad requests getting blocked, please check your traffic sources and make sure that you are not receiving traffic from bad sources. 

3. Too Many Ads: Chitika allows a max of 3 ads on the page. If a page has more than 3 ads, the extra ads are blocked. Please use upto 3 ads on any given page of your site. 

4. Bad Ad Formats: If the ad format is not one of the approved ad formats, the ad can be blocked. To maximize earnings, please use an ad formats like 300x250 which has the best auction dynamics. 

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