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Why Is My Domain Banned By Chitika?

Last Updated: Jan 18, 2018 12:03PM EST
Chitika may ban a domain for a variety of reasons (malware, adult, violation of terms, etc) - but the most common reason is: Your domain has also been banned by Google Adsense. You can check your status here: (Please note: Chitika is not associated with this site!) 

While this might seem strange at first, consider what happens when your domain is banned by Google Adsense. When Chitika puts up ads from your domain up for auction on RTB, all the bidders know that this site is banned by Google and they submit "No Bid" responses. Which essentially means an earning of zero.

What Can You Do About It?

Chitika cannot speak for Google, but there are some good articles on this topic (Search for "what to do when banned by adsense"). You should also look at Google's official help on this topic

Please note: Being banned by Google Adsense is not the same as being banned by Google Search. Those two banned statuses are completely independent. You could be banned by Google Adsense and still have your site showing up in Google Search (or vice versa). For Chitika's purposes, we look at your Google Adsense Status (cause this is usually the one that most advertisers look for). 

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