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Are Chitika Ad Tags Secure?

Last Updated: Nov 11, 2016 04:53PM EST
Yes - Chitika ad code supports secure ad serving through Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) on all pages, including Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) pages. This means that publishers with secure sites, (that is: sites that are served over the HTTPS protocol), can use Chitika ad code to serve SSL-compliant ads.

Note that the ad code works automatically with both HTTP and HTTPS sites. So you can use the same ad code if you run both secure and non-secure versions of your site.

How to use the SSL-compatible ad code

  1. If you generated Chitika ad tags within the last 2 years, you are all set and the ad tags you have will automatically detect HTTP and HTTPS. No action is needed on your part.
  2. If you generated Chitika ad tags more than 2 years ago, you should login to your Chitika account and generate new ad tags.

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