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What do I need to do to get paid?

Last Updated: Mar 30, 2017 03:47PM EDT

You will need to meet three criteria before you can receive payment as a Chitika publisher:

  1. You must fill out your tax form
  2. Your earnings balance should be more than $50
  3. You have setup your Payoneer account in Payment Settings and the account should be Active.

1. You MUST fill out your tax form

All Chitika publishers, no matter where they live, where their visitors are from, and where their servers are located, must fill out a tax form. If you are a United States citizen or resident alien, you must fill out the W-9 tax form. All other publishers must fill out the W-8BEN tax form.

Fill out your tax form by logging in to the PartnerCenter and clicking Account > Tax Forms.

Detailed instructions for filling out the W-9 form are here.
Detailed instructions for filling out the W-8BEN form are here.

Tax forms must be submitted by the 5th of the month in order to receive payment in that month. If you submit your tax form after the 5th of the month, you will be paid out in the following month, provided you have reached your minimum payment threshold.

2. Your Chitika account balance MUST be atleast $50 in the previous month.

Chitika operates on a Net-30 schedule. This means that the revenue earned in one month will be paid out at the end of the following month. For example, if you earn $60 in March, you will be issued that $60 payment at the end of April.

3. You MUST connect your Payoneer account in our system.

You will need to setup your Payoneer connection by logging into your Chitika account and clicking on Payment Settings. Once the connection is shown as Active, Chitika can begin sending payments to your Payoneer account.


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