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Tracking the Performance of Each Ad Unit

Last Updated: Mar 26, 2014 12:56PM EDT
What are channels?

Channels allow you detailed tracking on your Chitika ad units. Chitika allows you to specify your own channel names, so you can set meaningful names like "180x150 Side Unit" or "Home Page In the Morning". Your reports can then be broken down by channel name. This allows you to break down the performance of your Chitika | Premium units by metrics you define. 

How to specify a channel name?

There are two ways of specifying a channel: 

1. Code Panel: Go to the Chitika PartnerCenter and customize your code. Under "Reporting," type in a channel name.

2. Code Hacking: For those of you who have already deployed code, replace "Chitika Default" (after "sid") with your preferred channel name. 

How do I see the traffic for each channel?

Sign in to your Chitika account and scroll over "Reports" tab, and click "Advanced reports".

Customize a report choosing the channel names you wish to include:

Technical Notes:

  • Number of channels: There is currently a limit of 1000 channels per account.

  • Length: The channel name is limited to 64 characters; it is recommended that you stick with alphanumeric and spaces.

  • Double quotes: Some software platforms seem to have trouble when the sid value is enclosed by double quotes. If that is the case for your platform and the Premium ad units disappear when you add channel tracking, please try with single quotes.

  • Geek Playground: If you have server-side capabilities, you can dynamically assign a channel name (e.g. "Home page in the morning").


Chitika add channels to Chitika ads - Problogger.

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